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Greetings in Jesus name!!!

Thank you for your Kind Prayers  and  continued support...
I was away from the internet for several days ,,  preaching the gospel in different villages around .   one meeting was awesome where many came to know Jesus .. what amazed me and am feared greatly is that ...  some of the  people fell on their faces on my legs and i jumped out of them and showed the sky that Lord is watching your life ... Accept Jesus and Be Blessed.. 
Many are healed and many demon Possesed delivered . demons screamed and some ran out of the meeting and some came running with rage unto me only to see they fall forcefully. many are comforted by the message of God .  Wow this is  wonderful  .. i wish i could take a video of this ... but i did not prepared earlier for this .. 
I am planning more and more of this sort ...  Please pray and support.    All i understand is that the world is being hurt and we need to comfort them with Jesus ,

Well Today God enabled me to give baptisms .. i Thank god for this and his wonderful mercies to bring people in to his kingdom .
its a great Joy for me to see that these people throw their idols and accept Jesus and become as the Children of God . 
its  not a easy task to be done ..satan cant give them up so easily ... lot of laborious work is behind ... to get them to this point of dedicated life ... Thank you for praying  and doing the best for us .

We are praying for you ... and please continue to pray for us , 

Thanking you brother 

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Here are the pictures of the church work ..  it has to be continued we are limited by the resources .  
Please continue to pray for it .And am hoping to Complete it in this year  -- God willing
Continue to pray for us

Thanking you

Yours Faithfully
Here are the pictures of 2013 Christmas celebrations/services.

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Our Most Beloved & Respected Pr. Perkins & Pr. Martha Perkins,
Greetings in the holy name of Jesus Christ from Chennai South India
I have sent some pictures of Slum & Village outreach ministries and food for the hunger. Encouraging our village children with gifts & Certificates. And also our church service picture. The pictures of both Chennai & Thanjavur ministries. Kindly continue to pray Thanks for your care and concern for our family and the work of the Lord. May God bless us!

Yours in His Vineyard for souls,
Pst. VSK & RK
April 2014

Greetings in Jesus name
I praise God for the Baptisms on Precious resurrection day of our  Lord Jesus Christ .
This is marvelous that the  High Cast Community can come and accept the Lord Jesus and be His Children .. I am so much blessed to see in this Ministry that all communities coming . Brother Rejoice with me .
The  Easter Worship service  was awesome ….  Many floded to the church …that even the brand new Two families came to the Lord .  it is my  un quenching thirst  … that my passion to see the Souls Saved and become His Children.   
That His kingdom be Established and Extended even to the Gates of Hell .

Please kindly uphold in your prayer ,.. a little boy who is born with the  two big Hole in the Heart is admitted in the Hospital ..
i believe that God will do miracles .. doctors suggested to take home ..they are going to bring him to the church ..some thing supernatural will happen in the Name of our Lord Jesus .     Glory to His name Alone .

Thanking you ...
Your brother in Christ Jesus 
Dear Brother !!!!

Greetings in Jesus Name !!!!

We had a  wonderful Children Three day  summer Vacation Bible class. 
Some of them heathen children attended and accepted the Lord and we are following them up.
Children had full day learning and they had a very good meal for all the days ,

Two of my friends and the youth in the church helped to be with the children in teaching , cooking and in certain arrangements .
Children  learned very many songs and learned good bible  lessons.. i enjoyed puppet  is so blessing to see my two kids they learned all the songs and they are shouting and singing all the time in the house ,   reciting learned bible  stories and  lessons  and memory verses etc . 

brother  i am expecting the monthly  blessings sooner.
we are praying for you

Thanking you brother
In Him
gp k

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