Philippine Missions
Dear Pastor Larry and First Lady Martha Perkins,

         Warmest Christian Greetings to you, your loved ones and to all the members and staff of the Church there under your Spiritual Leadership from Mindanao, Philippines in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

         Hello! How are you? I missed you so much, I hope and pray that everything will be alright. In my part, please accept my heartfelt apology for the long period of time that I was not able to write you a letter. The reason, I was doing missionary works to the Babuyan Islands part of the Philippine Island Archipelago bringing the messages of Salvation towards the Islanders that for the first time they heard about the Gospel of Christ. In that Island we planted 3 local small churches and we baptized more than one hundred men and women, I rejoiced in the Lord for the Salvation of the Islanders.

         Now I returned back home having a quality time with my family and strengthening our local churches here in Mindanao, and next week 26 & 27 of this month we will hold a "Pastoral Leadership Summit" here in Panabo City, and your prayers will be very very important thing to us.

        Finally, let us revive our friendship and brotherhood relationship uplifting to each one another, working together hand in hand, in love and in unity. Then! Let us see how many souls we can win to Christ saving faith. Shalom!

In the Master's used and service,
Pastor Kevin Rey J. Ombao
Pundacion Ministerio Pilipinas Inc.

P.S. Reply please A.S.A.P.!
Note: I attached some of our mission photographs taken in the Babuyan Islands missionary works.   
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