It was something Daddy said! Parental role-modeling and influence is for real. You may have heard of "birth marks" but the real and lasting marks on our lives come after birth.

     Dennis Perkins (Pastor Larry Perkins' Dad) told his family that he had everything he ever wanted in life except a Christian home. He was not a rich man, but he was very wise and industrious, self-taught watch repairman with a a small jewelry business. To his children he seemed obsessed by memories of World War II...his time in the South Pacific marked his life.

    The turning point for the Perkins family came one Saturday evening when Dennis Hoyt Perkins announced to his wife and children that in the morning, "We are going to church." The usual Sunday morning meant a drive to the "bootlegger's" house to replenish Daddy's supply of moonshine whiskey. Now the family was to be ready to ride as soon as they saw Pastor Wade (their neighbor) head out...they were going to follow him to church. What a surprise this was gong to be to Pastor Lloyd Wade and also to the Perkins family.

     It is important to note here that Dennis Perkins was not a drunk, yet he enjoyed a drink every evening after work. He was a great father and family man; a wonderful provider. But he was now ready to have that missing part of his life fulfilled...he wanted a Christian home.

     Larry Perkins still recalls vividly that Sunday morning ride - following Pastor Wade and NOT turning off to the left to go to the bootlegger's house. What a pleasant surprise the the Perkins' car pulled up in the church parking lot behind the Pastor's car. And when the Perkins' family showed up again on Sunday night, Pastor Wade announced a revival! It was on that following Monday night that Momma and Daddy, Jimmy and Betty got saved. That night when the Perkins clan got home, Daddy had the family gather around the kitchen sink  as he poured out his last gallon of clear moonshine whiskey.

     He then declared that "but as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord." And immediately the Perkins family was busy in the Pentecostal Church of God, singing, playing music, and anything else that was needed.

      A few weeks later at another church, Larry Perkins found the Lord. This was the beginning if a divine call that would "touch" thousands of lives in many parts of the world, for God. Pastor Larry Perkins has many gifts... he is a divinely called businessman, evangelist, and "planter of churches" in America, also in several countries across the seas. In his home town of Gadsden, AL, Larry Perkins is not only known as a minister of the Gospel and a business man, but he is a friend tot he homeless, the "down and out", to the friendless, the rejected and to those who have lost their way.

     Larry knows in his heart that much of his success today he owes to his father. He has a legacy of wisdom, character, and divine energy second to none.

      From very early in their lives - all of Dennis Perkins children were busy in the Lord's business as well as in Daddy's jewelry business; and Larry was no exception. By the time he was 17 years old, when he was not working for his father in the family business - he was evangelizing for the Lord Jesus Christ. And by the way - if Daddy worked 18 hours a day in the did Larry.

     After some tough growing experiences in the ministry, Larry was driving along Burns Street in Gadsden (his home town) when as he was passing Hill Ave he spotted an old building on the corner. The Lord spoke to him, "This is the place that I want you to build a church." This was December of 1972. By the first Sunday in 1973 - Gospel Truth Lighthouse Church was birthed.

     Young Larry Perkins was very dedicated as a Pastor and yet, burning in his youthful heart was a vision that was destined to reach out to Gadsden, to all of Alabama, the United States of America and beyond! To reach many foreign destinations.

     At the time of this posting, Pastor Perkins' vision has brought him to utilize many avenues of ministry to facilitate his burning passion to reach and save the lost. Under the non-profit corporate umbrella of Lighthouse International Ministries - Larry Perkins has developed ministry in radio and television. Along with outreaches to: local and foreign missions, Alabama Ministerial Association, and of course Gospel Truth Lighthouse Church. The guiding theme for all of his gospel endeavors is - "...but for me and my house , we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15 This scripture text was established in the hearts of the Perkins family when their father, Dennis Hoyt Perkins, came to the Lord and declared his family to be a Godly Christian family. Dennis Perkins considered this to be the cornerstone to his life's achievements. Pastor Larry Perkins is joyfully maintaining and demonstrating his father's rich legacy of Joshua 24:15.