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Jan 2014

My dearest Sir Larry and Madam Martha.

  Sir as u know we have set a vision and mission more than 100 village Assemblies by 2020 . for this we do focus especially on personal evangelism the better way . we go to villages and meet with all race of people there like farmers , labors , poor , small traders , literates , illiterates and share the word of God . people accept Jesus as their personal savior and be Baptized in Jesus name into water . we also keep in touch with such people by doing some creative activities like teaching their children through Sunday school programs , celebrating children's birthdays , providing sometime food , cloths and medicines for the very poor villages etc.
   in such ways there form a assembly and grows gradually .on many places there r our pastors who caring after but on so many places no body is to look after . we do visit often there and meet their spiritual needs .
  very few assemblies have their own accommodations but several r running in  either rented houses or any's personal home .
  our main subject for us is , that individual perishing soul must come to Christ and eternal life .
i still remembering with tears of happiness , your love , tender care and unfailing prayers and supports by which i could move in so far in the vision .
  Sir there r still so many blanks( needs) which is to be filled( Made ) in the services of our Master .
  so be kind to over here the North West of Center India .
May God bless u all and fill u with all His Heavenly Blessings and Joys .
I insist your same love  and more care for us and the ministries here .
Yours In His Vineyard .
Pr. M C India .
  February 2014

My Dearest Sir Larry and madam Martha .

i greet u all in Jesus name our Lord .
Sir , i am happy to inform u all this time that yesterday three believers witnessed the Lord in water in Jesus name  these people were in our fellowship for the last three years . they r living at a village and r farmers . we were giving fellowship at their houses .  same day ( yesterday) i met with some more villagers there and shared the love and gospel of Christ with them .
  Sir i believe that the time is at hand and our Lord is going to return soon . so that i do go everyday for outreach and  and meet  with the new people and share the gospel . i used to  ask everyone , do u know what will happen  if  u die today , where will u spend your eternal life ( in Heaven or Hell ) . will u repent and accept Jesus as your personal savior . Jesus has paid all penalty for our redemption . He is only there to save u from eternal condemnation .
   Sir once i had read the story of JOHN HARPER  , THE TRUE hero OF Titanic . How he informed Jesus , to all those who were at the point of death in the see .
  Sir it's good to bring people unto Jesus and big crowd under one roof to worship but many a time people have not time to this all and also many have not possible to do all .  for them it's better , let's bring Jesus unto them and individuals .
  Sir , thank u all very much for taking me up in your unfailing prayers . god bless u all abundantly .
Yours Pr. M C India .
India Missions
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March 2014

My dearest Sir LARRY and madam MARTHA
  love and greetings to u all in Jesus name our savior .
Sir , we all keeping well here and hope yours all happiness and joy in our Lord  . sir my heart is bubbling to praise God for His abundance grace through Jesus .
Sir it's matter to share with all the true servants of God for their rejoice . last year in July 2013. when we were conducting a gospel meeting with some new villagers in a village *******  , some high cast and powerful men prevented us and we had to stop our meeting , but now the same people have invited us to share the word of God there and if God willing tomorrow  we r going to proclaim the word of God in the leading of the Holy Spirit in the village .
Sir , one  30 years old man named ######## is hit by Cancer disease , he has three children , daughter ( 10 years ) two sons 7 and 5 years . they r very poor . they have a card of living below Poverty line (B P L ) so state GOVT. is helping him some treatment . but i believe that it's not enough. he need the grace of God, so we talked him to trust in Jesus for his both lives . first time in his life heard about Jesus .  Doctor said he has not much time .
  our children's annual Exams have been over and the result will be declare on 29th of March . the school will be re-open from 1st April .
  Sir we needing yours unfailing prayers for all these matters . may God's grace be upon each one of us to spread the true and real solution of the age .
  Sir  thank u very much . God bless u all richly . 

yours in His vineyard .Pr. M C India .
April 2014

my love and greetings in Jesus name  our Savior .
    Sir , i am glad to informed u that the last two days were wonderful .  first day on Wednesday i was called by a Roman catholic Church to preach there .  the pastor of there is in my touch and very influenced with the true Gospel of Christ . So he wanted that i may preach to his believers too . so i  used the time as a blessed  opportunity to present truths from the word of God .
      on second day Thursday i visited a village . there is a bother named H****** is very much interested in the word of God . he called some people  there to meet with us . there also i shared about the eternal life through Jesus Christ . had dinner with them .
  Sir , i am enjoining to present the gospel to every one , all time .having desire , a perishing soul might be saved .
  Sir , thank u very much for your love and encouragements daily by sending so many messages containing different information .
  God bless u all richly .
Pr. M C India .

1)   greetings and love in Jesus Name .
Sir here r some photographs that captured yesterday when we were at a village, there our Pr.******   ******* war is serving the Lord .
we called some of the villagers and had a Discussion about the so called religions ,traditions and real Christianity . we made clear who is Jesus and what is in this world He come for ..
Sir, many questions and arguments were made. we tried to satisfy all of them from the word of God and the knowledge that we have . we were warned, not to bring the Bible there , so we had all this without Bible . after meeting we were given lnch by a believer there .

Sir please pray for these villagers . May God open their hearts and mind to understand all and accept Jesus as their savior .

God bless u richly .
Yours .Pr. M C India .
Discussion about Jesus and real Christianity
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May 2014

My dearest , Sir Larry, Madam Martha and all the saints.
Loving greetings in Jesus name our savior.
Sir, it’s my great pleasure to present the monthly work report of here. On 30th May 2014 all pastors reported me all about their ministry and activities. all were present except two pastors . These two pastors have left us and joined with other organization.
About 17 believers have witnessed the Lord in water in our 5 assemblies. About 8 new families’ and 30 new individuals have come into faith. About 10 new people have accepted Jesus as their personal savior.
Two assemblies had organized B.B.S. classes. On 9 places were organized some especial programs as fasting and prayer meetings , children program , evening gospel meetings and cottage meetings .during these programs many people were healed from their sickness and diseases . One pastor distributed gospel literature and new Testaments in 4 villages near about .
Pastors also reported and noticed some problems. in fact we ll facing that very problem. We all facing that, we don’t have proper place or Tank for baptism and we go for that in the open, it’s very risky and dangerous.
Sir , it’s very much urgent to have our own building as a pin-point over here to conduct various activates like Baptism, gospel meetings, Bible Trainings, worship meetings , children programs and many more for the glory of the Lord .
Sir we know that it’s not a easy task to have or purchase a building now in this time but with the Lord everything is possible.
Thank u very much for all your love and tender heart for us and the ministries here . May God bless u all richly.
Yours  in His vineyard.
Pr. M C India .
My dearest Sir Larry and madam Martha.

our loving greetings and love in Jesus name our savior.
Sir and madam, here i am inspired to present the updates of our ministries so far in North-West of center India for the praise and worship. First of all i want to thanks for your love, prayers and sacrificial support so far. Also i am grateful for your kind tend and guidelines always.

Sir and madam, since i got support from u, our ministries reached up to the new heights. We r enabled to reach thousands with the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Hundred villages, one District to another District. Even from one state to another. Our ministries were looked after by about 35 full time ministers. Around 45 village groups were come in existence. Near 5000 people put their faith in Lord Jesus. Around, 1230, believers witnessed the Lord in water. On 9 places we could start works among children in the name of Sunday School Center and touched with about 700.children in different age .near 150 children got shine light of salvation. On 7 places we enabled to dedicate small size worship halls. And still we r running restless daily to grasp the perishing souls and collecting them to the eternal life. we also do some creative and social activities like visiting Hospitals, gifting talents, helping disabled, helping in disaster and calamities.
Our vision and mission is to establish more than 100 village churches by 2020. For that we have plan to train some more young, eminent and dedicated boys and girls, in our own supervision.

Sir and madam, to maintain the ministries and its need we went to many and asked, even shamelessly to support but nobody did feel to give hands. Some were ready to support, but i refused to take their help. Reasons their doctrine and conditions which the word of God does not allow us to follow. Some were they didn’t like our doctrine and method of ministries. And some got chance to jest on us and our ministries. Some blamed us that we r doing all just to make money.

My Dearest Sir Larry and madam Martha Perkins  .
my love and greetings in Jesus name  our Savior .
    Sir , i am glad to informed u that the last two days were wonderful .  first day on Wednesday i was called by a Roman catholic Church to preach there .  the pastor of there is in my touch and very influenced with the true Gospel of Christ . So he wanted that i may preach to his believers too . so i  used the time as a blessed  opportunity to present truths from the word of God .
      on second day Thursday i visited a village . there is a bother named H. is very much interested in the word of God . he called some people  there to meet with us . there also i shared about the eternal life through Jesus Christ . had dinner with them .
  Sir , i am enjoining to present the gospel to every one , all time .having desire , a perishing soul might be saved .
  Sir , thank u very much for your love and encouragements .
  God bless u all richly .
Pr. M C India
My dearest Sir Larry and madam Martha.
Loving greetings in Jesus name our savior.
Sir, we r so glad that Mr. Don Berkey is here in India for about 6 month he informed me so yesterday. He will visit us as he get time.
Sir, this month June was full of blessings. We could reached many new people with the gospel.
Our God helped us to visit our ministry fields in different districts in our state MP. We met and encouraged our Pastors along with many pastors and believers from many other denominations and organizations during our visits. About 18 believers witnessed the Lord in water in Jesus name.  Many new and dedicated young believers dedicated themselves to serve the Lord. For that they asked us to train them properly. Our all pastors, their families and ministries r well. But our pastor Pritam Bela has gone to rest in the Lord. Our Pr. J******** is still having bitter pain in his head and right ear.
Here is one very bitter truth that I feel to share with u all. Our three believers families has joined a big church (CNI.i noticed that these families were absent in the meetings for the last many weeks. I found that they have joined other organization. When I asked why they did so. They answered me I was surprised by. They said there is big crowd, it’s old church, having facilities to marriage, graveyard act.
Sir, I have experience that in our areas most of the people come to Jesus having thought in their mind to get just some worldly thing like Money,Job,healing and other materials etc..But very few r who think of their eternal life and come to Jesus.
Now something has grown more. Believers r running to just after dazzling of eyes, big crowd, marriage and graveyard facilities. Surely it breaks our hearts. We know that these r some important things but not as much as the word of God eternal life.
Jesus said in Luke 9:59-60. Let dead bury their dead. but u follow me.
My dearest friends please pray me to help and teach the people the truth.
I am very much grateful to u all who encouraging and supporting me regularly to spread the true Gospel of Christ here.i pray to God may the Lord help u to continue it.
Thank u very much and God bless u all in Jesus name.
Yours in His vineyard.
Pr. M C India.

Sir, it’s much joy me to present the work report about the ministries in the last and this week our God used us for His glory in different locations. As I planned to visit some of our ministry fields and the pastors there. I would have to back on 27th but I stopped my journey in between. because  Our elder daughter( RO ) slipped down from the stairs and hurt. Thanks to God He saved her from being much damage or lost. Now we have given her some treatment.
let me continue to our report . sir we met our pastors there and some more believers and pastors from other organizations too. I encouraged them to the calling and the true gospel of Christ. also I encouraged them to help one another as the world of God says in the book of Philippians 2:4,and in Isa,41:6. We prayed for many sick people.  About 18 believers on three places witnessed the Lord in water in Jesus name. (Re-baptized) Photos not attached.
in the discussion with pastors i observed that we can use them more for the kingdom of God by giving proper and regular fellowship and some kind of support and equipments. Many of them suggested me  that we should do something for the pastors welfare.
Sir , in round figure i would say that we can be able to do more for the gospel work if we do and tend our pastors for their welfare (by giving some help financially or giving equipments or  giving some scholarship  and gifts to their children or support at the time of treatment or in sudden accidents).
we know that our God who have called us for His ministries is the only helper and provider , yet it’s nice too if we can do something like this. in this way we can frame and shine more our ministries here in North-West of center India. it's my prayer that may the Spirit of the Lord inspire more people to feel burden the needs of the ministries here.

Sir thanks for your all messages u sent every day . thanks to our all prayer partners and well-wishers.
from 27th to 29th it will be our fasting and prayer meetings  for different  needs in the ministry.
thank u very much and God bless u all richly. may Lord keep u all happy and healthy .
yours in his vineyard.
Pr. M C India .

June 15

Our Dearest Sir Larry and madam Martha.
greetings u in Jesus name our savior.
  Sir Yesterday was the Independence day of our country India. whole nation celebrated this national festival. we also arranged a program with  our S School children at B***** center. there we shared the true freedom of this life and eternal life( our body and soul ) through Jesus Christ. only in Jesus have this authority.
after this we encouraged them by giving some gifts and love feasts. some parents also were present along with children. it was  so nice.
  Sir i love this method of ministry. very easily we can reached the people with the gospel.
here r some of the photos of the program.
  thank u very much and God bless u all richly.
we r continue to pray for our dearest Sir Larry Perkins and his better health.
with love
Pr. M C India.
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our dearest Sir Larry and madam Martha.
greetings u all in Jesus name our Lord.
  on (June) 7th we arranged the program at our M******* center. but at b***** it will be on 15th of this month. we gave some gifts and love feast to the children. some of the parents also were presented. we shared the love and word of God with them also.
once again thank u very much. please pray for the program on 15th. there we expect more parents at bartuma center.
  youra in His vineyard.
Pr. M. C.j India.
August 2014

My dearest Sir Larry and Madam Martha.
  Sir i hope and praying for your all healing. we have a great desire to meet and see u face to face.
  Sir i am very happy to share this with u all about the presence of Mr. Berkey family with us for about 11 days.
   in these days we felt the power of the Spirit of God everywhere. for about two days they were stayed in the Hotel , one day at my home but due to unconvinced they had to stay at the house of a Lutheran family ( Mr. M's house). and they lived there like a king. Mr. M is a police officer and his wife is a professor in a college.
on very first day we had our pastors meet. about 32 pastors and Sunday school teachers were in the meeting. we visited on our 8 assemblies of  our ministry fields in the villages. there we met with so many new people too. so many people we prayed for and they were healed.also they wee in some of our cottage meetings too.
   Mr. Don have given us some small amount( 500.USD) to start some small home business to earn money to help these pastors who requested to have business for supplementary incomes.each pastor and Sunday school teacher every body wants to have business but the money is only 500.USD. no problem we will ask to God to show the way to do the best.
   when Mr. Don and his wife realized the urgent need of a house for us here so they tried a lot to get the property cheaper and on contract base but couldn't. our area is highly developed and costly than other areas of the town. our all believers and other facilities and conveniences r here this sides so we praying to have all this in this area.
   today they have left to Bhopal.
here r some of the photos we captured by our camera.
thank u very much and God bless.
Pr. M C India.
September 2014

Our dearest  Sir Larry and madam Martha.
greetings to u all in Jesus name our savior.
Sir this week we visited a village twice. first we went and helped a poor farmer and gave him some fruit plants and planted it in his field. hope these plants will become trees soon and will give fruits to the poor.
  other day at same village we went and gather some people there and shared the word of God. men were not much in numbers but women and children were presented.
Sir, u see by helping or investing a small amount in the village, it opened a way to preach the Gospel there. halleluiah.
please pray for this particular village and such more.
thank u very much. God bless u all richly.
Yours Pr. M C India.
September 2014

Our dearest  Sir Larry and madam Martha
Sir , greetings to u in Jesus name our Savior . hope u r keeping well happy and healthy .
sir, one Egg and amulet shop started to Bro. D***** who is one of our Sunday School Teachers. in this way we have used all the amount ( Rs.30000), given by Mr. Don and his wife Juanita.
to start making bricks we r trying to find the proper place and person.
on other hand we r searching plots and property to have a small house and prayer hall over here.
  i have attached a photo of some children. these children have great commitment. they sing hymns very nice for Christ.but their parents do not want them to send in our meetings. please pray for our B****** center. so these children might be continued in God's presence.
thanks and God bless u richly.
Pr. M C India.
Our dearest Sir Larry and Madam Martha.
greetings u all in Jesus Christ our Lord.
by the abundance grace of God our baptism service held successfully yesterday on 16th October.2014. Pr. A D S*** helped me in the service. about 10 believers witnessed the Lord in water. after that we had a beautiful lunch with all and the new ones.
thank u very much for your unfailing prayers and kind supports for the service. God bless u all richly. please remember these new ones in your daily pryers.
we have very much urgent need of a house along with a worship Hall, a van and some musical instruments this time. so please pray for these some very urgent needs for His glory and kingdom.
Pr.M C India.
October 2914
November  2014

Dearest Sir Larry and Madam Martha.
Greetings to u all in Jesus name savior .
Its great joy me to testify the great works of our God among us here. i am sp grateful to u all for your lovi8ng supports and unfailing prayers for us and the great commission. Thank u very much, God bless u all for all that u do.
Dear saints, we are very much confidant and sure that our labor and investment in the kingdom of God is not in vain. (1 cor.15:58). But we have a great wealth kept for us in return. (colo. 3:23-24).for we the people whom God has entrusted to do His will on this earth, so blessed we are.


FROM 10TH 15th i in Punjab and Delhi states on visits.  Three young men we have sent to a Bible seminary in Punjab for two years Bible and training courses. In Delhi i visited a child asylum and met with the parentless children (lost their families and houses). How blessed we are that our children are with us and we with them.) children. Sir i can’t explain the heart pricing experiences with who are separated.
on 16th about 12 believers Baptized in Jesus name from our two assemblies. Pr B and pr.  brought the believers from their Churches.
In two villages ( Sunwaha and Mudari ) we need to set a pastor to look after and preach the true Gospel Today and tomorrow we have arranged two days fasting and prayers meetings .Pr. S from Chennai is our preacher for the meetings.
If God willing in the very first week of the next month, we r planning to distribute some love gifts to the disabled handicraft children in the Love of Christ.
So I insist and encourage each one of u if the Spirit of the Lord Leads u may also be the part of these above and pray.
Thank u very much. May God bless u all abundantly? Be prosperous in all yours jobs and country.
yours Pr. M C India.

our dearest Sir Larry, Madam Martha.
Greetings u all in Jesus name our savior and Lord.
Sir here are few testimonies that i would like to share with u to praise the name of our almighty God .
This is the photograph of one pastor and an elder of his assemblies at ##### village in ######### state in India, who came to attend our one day co-leader (Smile) program. pastor testified like follows.
THIS BELONG TO THE AREAS IN ########### WHERE NUXELITES (anti-Government people) REGINS.
There were some problems in the house of that elder and his wife. The wife did something very wrong. so the case was in the high court. Now they had to pay about 10000 rupees or 2 years imprisonments same time the village court also announced punishment, the couple should not remain in the village anymore and nobody would tolerate with them in any way. it means they cannot take even water from the village well or hand pumps. They were avoided by all totally.
This couple couldn’t pay the amount and was put into jail for two years with hard labor. This pastor went to jail on his routine jail ministry and met with this couple and heard the word of god constantly and accepted Jesus as their personal savior. by the grace of God this family was released from the jail even within 6 months. Court ordered to release them because of their good conduct in the jail. Of course we can say the good conducts but in reality it was God behind of their freedom.
One day this coupe and some more believers were in the praying meeting with their pastor, the commander ( Nuxelites leader ) came and order to stop the meeting  but they were continue to pray. he beaten  some  people too. There were great fear among them but same time the police attacked on the nuxelites . The same night this commander was killed.
Other time it happened like that this pastor and some believers were preaching and distributing gospel literature in the areas.  When the head of that area heard about it he sent about 16 people gang to stop these preachers. So they gave some books and regulatory literature to the pastors and believers and warned them not to preach about the Christ.
But pastor and his believers did not stop and gave the literatures to the all 16 people gang and humbly requested to read it all. 12 of them took the gospel books and went. Now they are good believers and members of the church.
hope u all would enjoy the care of our loving God who care us everyday who wait on Him.
Please remember this pastor, elder and the believers there. They are very poor people and are under great trouble and pressure. Probably we can’t imagine their life they r living.
thank u very much and God bless u all richly.
Pr. M C India.
Our dearest Sir Larry,madam Martha.
Greetings to u all in Jesus name our savior.                
Sir today I backed home after my four days visits in different districts and villages. It was so nice and inspiring to see all the works r going on smoothly and growing.
On 5th I was with Pr. G. There about 8 believers witnessed the Lord in water. And in evening meeting with disabled children had a wonderful time we spent there. We got opportunity to present them some gifts like toys, dresses and blankets.
On 6th it was a meeting at NEAR Bhoura village. So many people healed from their diseases and many were delivered from the devil spirits. About 25 people accepted Jesus as their personal savior.
On 7th I was with Pr. P in worship meeting at the very new Church he started there. It was first meeting and about 30 believers attended the worship. I shared the word of God.
Sir , I am very much happy to say that in the areas of s Betuls, Hosangabad , our works r growing well. We need to look after there and visit often. In same manner/ way I see the hope of our excellent work in village areas of Sagar District instead of proper city areas (Sagar).

Our dearest Sir Larry and Madam Martha.
Sir, for the last one week I read only 2nd chapter of the book of Nehemiah. My heart longed to read it again and again every day. It seems that our God wants us to do something great in the New Year 2015.                                       
We see the life of NEHEMIAH. He was in the king palace. in royal life but when he heard about the situations of Jerusalem he could not rest in mind and body. He said to the king.
It was not easy to get permission and authority letter from the king, but was, because he prayed first to God the king of kings. There we find that Nehemiah was not only got the letter but favor and all the necessary things for the province. If our mission and vision are according to the will of God, we get all supplementary.
But there are some hindrances available in the ways to discourage us. There are many people who not willing to see the welfare that we do. They grieved. (NEH.2; 10). They laugh to scorn and despise us and want to prove our works against the Low.
But what a courage and faith of this strategic coordinator. He said to his all adversaries .THE GOD OF HEAVEN WILL PROSPER US; THEREFORE WE, HIS SERVANT, WILL ARISE AND BUILD; BUT YE HAVE NO PORTION,NOR RIGHT,NOR MEMORIAL IN JERUSALEM.(NEH.2;20 ).
I am praying to God to give us such great faith and courage to build the spiritual house of God. Though the circumstances are against but our heavenly father is with us.
I have set this message in mind for the year coming. Let the people do whatever they do. But servant of God let us arise with our whole strength and efforts. Let us surrender our all will and everything to God’s will. And pray each other. In Jesus name Amen.
Pr. M C India.
December 2014



PR. M C.

the main feature in this program is the 8th class student who accepted Jesus as their personal savior.
  my request is to all servant of God please remember our all endeavor and ministries in your prayers and be continued to with your supporting hands.  thank u very much.
Yours Pr. M C India.