January  2017
PR MC Report
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Our Sir Larry, Madam Martha .
Greetings U all in Jesus Name Our Savior.
Sir/Madam, By the Abundance grace of God we all are keeping well and hope same to u all there. we are continue to pray for your well health and all that u do.
The Spirit of the Lord inspired me to write again about the needs of the ministries here. we know, because of your sacrificial supports( Finance and prayers) greatly and boldly helped us through out the years past to move with the true Gospel of Christ to the thousands who had never heard about Jesus and the Eternal life by Him. now there are so many big and small groups raised in the villages in many districts and states, witnessing the glorious name of Jesus Christ.
I know u have great heart and love for the country we live here. and want to do your the best to the soul saving tasks. but there are so many crisis and calamities around. so it's like a challenge for each one of us. and we can't stop our mission at any cost. and we know that we have the victory. the book of Numbers Chapter 14 versus from 1 to 10.
so please don't give up the work here in North-West of Center India. please come up again. we need u.
If God willing we are going to do all the pending programs from today onward till next Monday at all our Sunday School and free tuition Centers. we will present the gifts and prizes for the Students who were top in the written and talent tests taken in the Month October and November 2016. also we will enjoy to present some wearing Cloths to our pastors and Teachers.
please pray.
May God bless u all in Jesus name and help to stand with your small support for the gospel work here.
your Pastor MC India.


Greetings u all in Jesus name our savior.
Sir, I am happy to touch u again on screen after a Month. there are a lots prayer  requests in box which we are going to pray for. there are so many reports for thanks to God too.
Sir, last whole month I was on visits in different states in India. God used me greatly for His Glory and soul saving task. during this visit a lot of new congregation have heard the word of God. on 27th December 2016, 9 believers obeyed the word of God in water.
on 6 places we set the pastors to evangelize the areas. now we have set some more prayer cell team to pray for the ministries in entire world.
while I was out of state that time Satan got opportunity to Tempt my family Members. My younger Bother, his wife and a Daughter were arrested in robbery case. we don.t know the fact but God knows.now they are released on bail. for a while this case has demolished the testimony and the name of God in this field of our ministry. and this caused me a great lost of peace of mind and money.
please pray.
we praying to God  to make u able to do your support for the ministry here continually. we waiting for the time.
we are praying to your health and all that u do.
God bless u richly in all your needs.
thank u very much
Your pastor MC India.
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Our dearest Sir Larry,
Greetings in Jesus name our savior.
Here are the report of the programs with some of our Sunday School Children and other
some of the photos showing the actions that children did. having message how the life changes when Jesus come in the life. some children singing praise songs. u can see one photo I am and one of our Sunday School Teachers with some new men. they are my relatives. I have shared them the word of God. they willing to Accept Jesus as their personal savior.  we will be continue to give them word of God. other photos we presenting gifts.
our all pastors and Teachers are well and doing their best for the kingdom of God.
we praying for your health and all that u do for us and the ministries here.
your Pr. MC India.