January 2018
PR MC Report
January 2

Our dearest  Sir Larry and Madam Martha Perkins.
our Loving greetings to u all in Jesus Christ our savior.
once again very prosperous and healthy happy new 2018 to all of u.
form all of us here. our family pastors teachers and Believers in MP and CG. thanks a lot  for all u have done to us and our social and spiritual works so far and throughout the years past.
May God bless u all richly. in Jesus name G and B
thank u very much
with love and prayers
yours Pr. MC India.

we did a program at G village with our Bro D and the Children there. we gave there some gifts. after that Lunch to all.
thanks to God.


programs at our B Chruch and Believers there on 1st January 2018.
we preached the word of God. Children performed various Activities. distributed gifts to children. Celebrated the birthday of pastors's daughters and given Lunch to all.
thanks to God and u all.
pr.M C India.

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